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About me 




I grew up on Öland, an island south of Sweden. When I was young It came very natural what I want to do. I never had the problem to think about that. After graduated 6th form college I moved to Stockholm to study Information and communication, media, desktop publishing, photo and journalism.


After my exam I have been working with graphic design/advertising for Fujicolor, Oriflame cosmetics AB and H&M. Now I have a maternity leave position at Ricoh Sverige AB and I work with Advertising Communication. I will move abroad as soon as my maternity leave position at Ricoh ends. I am looking for a job as an editor at a magazine, graphic designer, web editor, market assistant, work with media analysis or write articles. This Is what I love to do and what I have an aptitude for. The best part about to work with graphic design - you get inspired from everywhere and I enjoy the creative process. Sometimes I don´t even remember where the idea came from because your mind is working all the time to observe and take new input. I like oral and written communication and to discuss all kind of subjects. I like to reflect and question opinions but in same time I can be open, reflect my own idea and change my mind. When I don´t work I prefer to read magazines and newspapers, that is my way to relax, I love it. For me the world is my working place, I don´t mind to move from Sweden If I have to. I love to travel, meet new people and I adjust very well. If you like my work and have any job for me please let me know.




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